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Design & Development

DPC United

Association Website

The Direct Primary Care website was designed and developed for a growing community of Doctors around the United States. The website was built with responsive design technology, sure to work on a wide range of mobile devices.
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DPC United

Landing Page

The RoboCoop Landing page was built for Alice Cooper's Solid Rock 2014 Golf Tournament Fundraiser. My responsibilities on for this site was responsive front end development.
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DPC United

Human Resources Website

The VimHR website was built for VimHR to help connect qualified people with potential employers. This website features integration with their existing HR software using Wordpress so the user experience feels seamless.
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Learn a little bit about Bryan

With over 8 years of experience I am a senior level design professional based in Phoenix, AZ. My experiences include creating websites, animating product visualizations, concepting ad campaigns, designing print materials and a little bit of copywriting. My portfolio includes a wide range of work for clients such as Honda, Alice Cooper, Boeing, Boston Scientific, iGo, Marriot, and many more. Much of which has been contracted to me through ad agencies of all sizes.

With all of these great experiences I have been able to effectively learn the workflow of website development, package design, video production, studio photography, print production and email marketing.


First, attitude is everything, I love to work with great people on great projects. A good attitude is contagious!

Second, hard work. No seriously, being creative can be hard work. Which is very rewarding.

And last but not least adapting to the ever changing landscape of the industry. I love to learn and explore.


Once I have a good handle on client expectations and the brand strategy I like to start everything on paper. This allows for unique ideas to flow freely while on target. Afterwards I'll narrow it down the best ideas and put them to the test. Can this be done within budget and within the timeframe? What are the technology restrictions? Then refine and pitch, because presentation is everything!

Career at a Glance

Design 10 years
3D 7 years
Web 5 years
Art Director
Bryan Wolcik

Bryan Wolcik

I grew up in NY where I received an Associates in Applied Science with a major in graphic/web design. After graduating I moved to the Southwest where I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Animation. Since then I have lived and worked in the Phoenix area, collaborating with and learning from some highly talented people. I'm very passionate about what I do and regularly enjoy sharing my skills to help a good cause.

It's harder to make the glass than break the glass.

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